Mesh networking for every operator.

Our small, lightweight, low-cost radio devices extend the edge of connectivity.

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Use apps like ATAK anywhere.

Critical mapping, messaging, and location tracking don't need to end even when the connection to a centralized network is lost.

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Track your team off the grid.

Colorado’s wildland firefighters never lose sight of their crew members’ locations with goTenna Pro X.

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Why goTenna Pro

Total team awareness
in any situation.

Today’s operating environment is increasingly mobile — but what happens when you lose critical connectivity?
goTenna Pro equips every team, down to the individual operator, with fully off-grid mesh networking capabilities so they can stay agile and informed throughout every mission. Our radio devices and paired mobile apps create ad hoc, peer-to-peer networks that operate independently of cell, wifi, and satellite systems — but can still augment your agency’s existing communications stack.

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Location Tracking

View precise GPS information for personnel and vehicles.

Collaborative Mapping

Share the latest routes, perimeters, and other points of interest.

Text-based Messaging

Send encrypted messages to individuals, groups, or teamwide.

Watch goTenna Pro in action!

Complete Parachute Solutions, the world's leading provider of tactical freefall equipment and training, put goTenna Pro X devices to the test.

Watch goTenna Pro in action!

Complete Parachute Solutions, the world's leading provider of tactical freefall equipment and training, put goTenna Pro X devices to the test.

Redefining the
tactical edge.

Mesh networking technology has existed for decades — but most industry standards prioritize high bitrate over range.

Explore our product suite

goTenna’s novel short-burst, long-range mesh networks are designed to transmit text-based messages, map markings, and location updates even further off the grid. While traditional mesh-enabled radios are bulky and expensive, goTenna Pro devices are purpose-built to be put in the hands of every operator.

Platform design principles

  • Low-Cost
    40x less expensive than legacy systems
  • Low-Power
    Approximately 9 hours of battery life per active use
  • Long-Range
    Scale multi-hop networks without fixed infrastructure
  • Easy-to-Use
    Pair with existing mobile devices and apps
  • Secure
    End-to-end PKI encryption
  • Programmable
    Custom third-party integrations via SDK
Built for integration

goTenna Pro integrates into your team’s existing equipment load.

Pair your goTenna Pro radio device with leading mobile applications and hardware.

In the field

Mesa County Search and Rescue Locates Missing Hikers with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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Complete Parachute Solutions Conducts Military Freefall Training with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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Colorado’s Hand Crews Ensure Accountability and Safety with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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Colorado’s Helitack Crews Use goTenna Pro X + ATAK to Track Ground Team Locations
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Quote from “These radios provided the core of what was needed — situational awareness — and provided it at a radically lower size, weight, power, and cost than anything else around.”

Quote from "For people sent into disaster, or trained to operate in areas with collapsed infrastructure, having a communications infrastructure they can bring with them is invaluable."

Quote from “These innovations present a powerful opportunity to radically change up legacy thinking about what might be possible at the tactical communications edge.”

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