October 27, 2016

Can a goTenna Mesh act as a relay node when it is not paired with a smartphone?

The short answer is that, yes, it can!

The longer answer is that any powered-on goTenna Mesh device can receive and relay messages and location data. The information going through the relaying device can only be decrypted by the end recipient. In order to actually receive, interpret and view messages or location data, a user must have a smartphone paired with a goTenna Mesh.

This enables users to strategically place goTenna Meshes between members of their parties, which can function as stationary relay points to increase range. In other words, if two users have four goTenna Meshes, two of those devices can be used solely as relay points, effectively tripling overall range:

User A — User B
User A — Relay — Relay — User B

Because goTenna Mesh has a standard micro-USB, you could leave the device paired to a solar charger or some other power source on its own.