August 09, 2017

How can I share automatic location updates with other goTenna Mesh users?

To automatically share your location with other goTenna Mesh users, take advantage of Auto Accept Location Requests. This feature allows trusted contacts to query and receive your location without any action on your part.

(Please note this feature is enabled one-way. For example, you accept a friend’s invitation to automatically share your location when he requests it, but he manually accepts or declines yours. If you want to have it be two-way, you have to send your friend an invitation to auto accept your location requests.)

If you upgrade to goTenna Plus, you can also use Location Tethering to send automatic location updates to trusted contacts at regular intervals — choose between every 1 to 10 minutes — for up to 4 hours! Think of this as completely “hands-free” tracking so others can keep tabs on where you are even if you’re not looking at your phone or have your hands busy.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Select “Chat” on the Side Menu

Step 2: Choose an existing chat, or start a new one by clicking the blue Chat icon

Step 3: Click the Location icon to the left of the text field

Step 4: Choose “Auto Accept Location Requests” or “Location Tethering”