August 09, 2017

Where should I have my goTenna Mesh while I'm using it?

For best performance, you should try to attach goTenna Mesh externally to gear and elevate it as much as possible. For instance, attaching goTenna Mesh externally to your backpack is better than placing it anywhere inside your backpack.

Also note that goTenna Mesh is not designed to be used when directly in contact with your body. The reason being that the human body can interfere with radio transmissions, including goTenna Mesh’s signal. Holding goTenna Mesh in your hand or putting in the chest pocket of a thin item of clothing could noticeably decrease your range.

That said, if you want to hold it up for more height, hold it from the strap, avoiding touching the metal and plastic casing. If you put it in your pocket, try to pick a thick clothing material so the device doesn’t make contact with your skin. (P.S. If you don’t care about range in a certain situation, there’s less need to worry about all these tips.)