goTenna Pro X and Juggernaut case with ATAK app
goTenna Pro X Front, Side, and Back
goTenna Pro X Front and Back
goTenna Pro X

Pro X.

Use apps like ATAK

The world’s smallest, lightest, most cost-effective tactical mesh networking device pairs with our native iOS/Android mobile application as well as third-party apps like ATAK to enable off-grid communications.
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Dual Band

Up to 5W VHF/UHF output

Long Lasting

Up to 9 hours per charge


End-to-end PKI encryption


Less than 3 oz

Device Agnostic

Pairs with any iOS/Android device

Rapidly Deployable

100% off-grid setup in minutes


Less than 3 oz

Device Agnostic

Pairs with any iOS/Android device

Rapidly Deployable

100% off-grid setup in minutes

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"Wait, you mean I can use this little thing and not have to carry that big radio?"

— U.S. Army Security Forces Assistance Brigade

"Unlimited upside and uses."

— Texas DPS Ranger SWAT Team

"goTenna Pro should be in any unit's mounted patrol communications plan."

— 4th ANGLICO Marines

"Reliable position tracking independent of satellite links is an essential capability — and goTenna Pro X is affordable enough to make it a reality."

— FireWatch Solutions Inc.

Built for integration.
goTenna Pro X integrates
into your team's existing
communications load.

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  • The goTenna Pro X ATAK plugin supports critical, short-burst data communications for mapping, messaging, and personnel tracking in comms-denied environments.

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  • The goTenna Pro X + fiResponse™ integration allows wildland firefighters to share critical information and track crew and vehicle locations in off-grid environments.

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  • The goTenna Pro X + LifeRing integration allows teams to share text-based messages, PLI updates, and other map markings without access to a cellular connection.

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Frequently asked questions

What is goTenna Pro X and how does it work?

goTenna Pro X is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective mesh networking communications device. This tactical-grade VHF/UHF radio device pairs with goTenna Pro’s native iOS and Android smartphone application as well as compatible applications like the Android Team Awareness App (ATAK) for personnel tracking, collaborative mapping, and fully-encrypted chat messaging in off-grid environments. Using a Bluetooth or USB tether connection, all transmission data is displayed in the paired software application.

Even when unpaired to a smartphone or tablet, goTenna Pro X devices serve as mesh relays for all other Pro X devices – eliminating or reducing the need for base stations and repeaters.

So, goTenna Pro X doesn’t support voice communications?

That’s correct. goTenna’s Aspen Grove™ mesh networking protocols are designed to support short-burst data transmissions like personal location information (PLI) updates, map markings, and text-based messaging. Our low-bandwidth networks allow us to build devices that are smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective than traditional tactical-grade mesh radios. 

Take a look at some of our recent case studies to learn how teams augment voice communications with goTenna Pro X. In many instances, more frequent and accurate location tracking through a mesh network meant teams could restrict voice radio traffic to essential mission updates. Other teams use built-in mobile keyboard functionality to record voice-to-text messages for more hands-free operations.

What are the licensing requirements to operate goTenna Pro X?

goTenna Pro X is designed for professional use, and offers user-selectable frequencies in the VHF (142 - 175MHz) and UHF (445 - 480MHz) bands. These frequencies require an FCC Part 90 license to operate in the United States. If you have questions about radio frequency licensing requirements or intend to use goTenna Pro X in another country, please contact us here.

What’s the difference between goTenna Pro and goTenna Pro X?

Unlike goTenna Pro devices, goTenna Pro X supports integration with third-party mobile applications. In addition to using our native goTenna Pro app, teams can extend the use of existing apps like ATAK even further off the grid. Check out all of our supported third-party apps here.

How can I request pricing for goTenna Pro X?

We’ll need to learn a bit more about your team’s typical mission set, size, and operating environment before providing a formal quote. Tell us a bit more about your team’s needs in the form below or by building your own sample quote here.

In the field

Colorado’s Hand Crews Ensure Accountability and Safety with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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Complete Parachute Solutions Conducts Military Freefall Training with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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Mesa County Search and Rescue Locates Missing Hikers with goTenna Pro X + ATAK
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