Partners & Integrations

goTenna Pro is built to integrate into your team's existing equipment load.

The goTenna Pro X ATAK plugin supports critical, short-burst data communications.
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Agena - M
AGENA-M is a solution for information-sharing for all personnel deployed on the same operation field.
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Comprehensive 3D location, tracking, and mapping.
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Transmit commands and data to and from the command center.
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Create a high-altitude relay point for goTenna Pro X at 200 feet in the air.
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Enable off-grid communications between teams and incident command.
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Up to date, precise foot traffic and point of interest data.
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Tough Stump
Harness UAS technology for complex communication challenges
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Bunker Supply and goTenna partnered to design a solution that protects and enhances the goTenna Pro X.
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The goTenna Pro X Tether Cable Kit is an add-on mobile accessory package designed by the team at Juggernaut.Case.
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Mystery Ranch
The MYSTERY RANCH goTenna Pouch protects and allows MOLLE attachment of goTenna Pro X devices to vests, packs, or any PALS webbing.
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Syzygy is an engineering firm leading the development of next generation situational awareness tools.
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Royce GEO
Finding enduring solutions, making an impact on the defense and intelligence missions that ensure our nation’s security.
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