goTenna Pro X Series

The Tactical Awareness Kit provides leading situational awareness and field operation management tools to eligible U.S. military organizations. The goTenna Pro X Series TAK plugin supports critical, short-burst data communications for mapping, messaging, and personnel tracking in comms-denied environments.

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TAK Tutorial

Learn how to use TAK completely off the grid without wifi or cell service when pairs with our goTenna Pro X Series device.

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Field Test Results

Putting our TAK plugin to the test
goTenna's mesh network passes military freefall test
Representatives from mobile mesh networking solution provider, goTenna, recently conducted field tests in conjunction with the military to identify how this new technology could be leveraged in military freefall operations.
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goTenna successfully scales up its network to over 50 users
A government law enforcement customer worked with goTenna and Syzygy Integration’s technical teams and saw a greater than 95% successful delivery rate while we scaled from 10 to over 50 nodes. This test demonstrated the scalability of the network utilizing goTenna’s proprietary Aspen Grove networking protocols.
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Frequently asked

Which new features are included in the 1.6.0 TAK plugin update?

You can now deploy with bigger teams. In a recent field test, we've been able to ensure a greater than 95% successful delivery rate while we scaled up to over 50 active users at once.

You can also track more moving assets like vehicles, military freefall teams and provide support for more users broadcasting at fast PLI intervals.

Check out the Field Test Results section above for details.

How can I get the most recent goTenna TAK plugin?
Does every user need to have a goTenna device to use the TAK plugin?

Yes. To be a part of the mesh network and leverage the plugin, you must have a goTenna device paired with a smartphone or tablet. However, you can create a relay node with a standalone goTenna device as long as a smartphone or tablet is still paired to it.

Does this plugin work with TAK servers?

Any node on the goTenna network can also connect to a TAK server and backhaul PLI to the server.

In the field

Case Study
Complete Parachute Solutions Conducts Military Freefall Training with goTenna Pro X Series + ATAK
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