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Solutions for
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Pro X

The world's smallest, lightest, most cost-effective tactical mesh networking device pairs with our native iOS/Android mobile app as well as third-party apps like ATAK to enable off-grid communications.

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Deployment Kit

A compact and ruggedized network management kit for larger teams operating goTenna Pro X devices and third-party software like ATAK in complex environments where no service is not an option.

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Designed to mesh.

goTenna Pro equips every team, down to the individual operator, with fully off-grid mesh networking capabilities built to extend the edge of connectivity for existing communications systems.

Individual Operator

Individual operators create an ad hoc mobile mesh network off the grid with goTenna Pro devices.

Field Supervisor

Off-grid mesh network data can backhaul to team leads with LTE or satellite-enabled devices.

Command Center

Command centers with Internet connectivity gain situational awareness down to the individual operator.


Our mesh networking technology
integrates with leading communications
hardware and software.

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In the field

Case Study
VTC conducts tactical law enforcement training with no cell service using goTenna Pro X
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Case Study
HARP Rescue connects Hurricane Dorian recovery team using goTenna Pro after island-wide destruction
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Search and Rescue
Case Study
Missoula County Search and Rescue Stays Connected in a Mountainous Dead Zone with goTenna Pro
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Wildland Firefighting
Case Study
Colorado’s Helitack Crews Use goTenna Pro X + ATAK to Track Ground Team Locations
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