Big Bison Logistics communicates through four layers of steel and concrete at upscale tech conference using goTenna Pro X devices

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Big Bison Logistics sought a way to communicate in cell-denied environments for personal and event security situations. They are the last line of defense at major events for their clients. These events typically host 2,000-3,000 attendees within concrete-grade structures. When cell coverage degrades because of congested cell networks and the building structure itself blocks cell signals, Big Bison Logistics noticed that there was a lack of communications technology that could function in this type of environment.


At a recent upscale tech conference, Big Bison Logistics built their own goTenna Pro X mesh network using eight goTenna Pro X units. They also created mounts and battery packs to ensure they could run overnight. The devices were distributed on three floors, with a few attached to stationary mounts, and the rest of the units were mounted to their bodies. One of the floors they operated on was mostly above ground.

Example of an event venue where goTenna Pro X mesh networking radios would still communicate using line of sight despite steel and concrete walls.

On the event day, the team came in early and checked that they could communicate using the goTenna Pro app from all positions. The team was able to confirm they had mesh networking coverage across all three floors as well as throughout the building above ground. They noticed that other attendees did not have any cell coverage and couldn’t communicate with each other.


The Big Bison Logistics team were the only attendees at the event with guaranteed situational awareness via messaging and map tracking in the goTenna Pro app. Additionally, having tried other off-grid solutions, goTenna Pro X was the only device that worked despite the obstruction of four steel and concrete layers. As a result, the mesh network's communication is especially critical should an emergency occur at the event.

“Nothing else like this exists now. We were briefly smiling at each other when we realized we were the only ones able to communicate because we had goTenna Pro X.”

Todd Sheets
CEO of Big Bison Logistics